Friday, 28 July 2017

Some of my favourite 2017 photos used in my daily photo blog.

All photos were taken in the Charente unless otherwise stated!
07/01/2017 Eurasian blue tit on the window sill.

23/01/2017 European robin on a rosemary root.

24/01/2017 Eurasian blue tit taking a bath.

04/02/2017 Giraffe in Botswana.

04/02/2017 Southern yellow-billed hornbill in Botswana.

07/02/2017 Elephant in Botswana.

19/02/2017 Bushbaby in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

01/03/2017 Meika - Golden Chinchilla at friends in Johannesburg, South Africa.

29/03/2017 Hoverfly on a sage flower.

01/04/2017 A 'framed' lamb.

13/04/2017 Aesculapian snake on our veranda.

29/05/2017 Green lizard also on the veranda.

31/05/2017 Bee Beetle on the cotoneaster.

16/06/2017 The Vienne river at Confolens.

29/06/2017 Rose in our garden.

27/06/2017 Common blue (female) butterfly on the lavender.

01/06/2017 Two hoverflies on a very pale Californian poppy.

N.B. I will be blogging about our trip to South Africa, hopefully in the not too distant future!!

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