Friday, 28 July 2017

Some of my favourite 2017 photos used in my daily photo blog.

All photos were taken in the Charente unless otherwise stated!
07/01/2017 Eurasian blue tit on the window sill.

23/01/2017 European robin on a rosemary root.

24/01/2017 Eurasian blue tit taking a bath.

04/02/2017 Giraffe in Botswana.

04/02/2017 Southern yellow-billed hornbill in Botswana.

07/02/2017 Elephant in Botswana.

19/02/2017 Bushbaby in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

01/03/2017 Meika - Golden Chinchilla at friends in Johannesburg, South Africa.

29/03/2017 Hoverfly on a sage flower.

01/04/2017 A 'framed' lamb.

13/04/2017 Aesculapian snake on our veranda.

29/05/2017 Green lizard also on the veranda.

31/05/2017 Bee Beetle on the cotoneaster.

16/06/2017 The Vienne river at Confolens.

29/06/2017 Rose in our garden.

27/06/2017 Common blue (female) butterfly on the lavender.

01/06/2017 Two hoverflies on a very pale Californian poppy.

N.B. I will be blogging about our trip to South Africa, hopefully in the not too distant future!!

Also see my daily diary HERE

and My Life Before Charente (updated  25 September 2016) I will get back to this eventually!  


  1. Hi Diane - just lovely to see ... and the Aesculapian snake - never heard of him before ... not too keen on them ... my father used to breed eggs in the house - presumably only of grasssnakes - the egg batch from the manure heap! Gorgeous photos all round ... birds and bees - and the others ... the bee beetle is a sweetie isn't it! Love these ... and looking forward to reading about SA ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, thanks for the visit, I am quite fond of snakes so I was happy to see it close by. I love that bee beetle although it is s bit of a pest I could never harm it, It is almost cuddly :-)
      I must get going on South Africa blog but there just does not seen to be enough hours in the day!!!
      Cheers Diane

  2. A super set of images and memories, Diane.

    Have a wonderful weekend. With my best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Thanks so much Richard, I hope that you also have a great weekend. Cheers and all the best Diane

  3. Your robin looks smaller than ours, and I love your cat and elephant. Oh, nevermind, I love all of these pictures. And I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip to South Africa. Have a great weekend, Diane and Nigel.

    1. Marjie our robin is smaller than the American robin. I will get around to a South African blog as soon as I have a bit of spare time. I have pretty much got through all the 100's of photos that I took at last!!
      I hope that all is well and that you have a good weekend Diane

  4. Diane what beautiful pictures. Especially I love birds pictures !they look awesome.
    hugs !

  5. I can see why these would be among your favourites. I especially like the one of your cat and the African animals.

  6. You always take excellent photos, Diane! You are a pro for sure! I particularly like the "framed" lamb, the giraffe and the Golden Chinchilla, but I could do without the snake! :-) The rose is gorgeous. Whatever the variety, it's beautiful with its scalloped edges. It reminds me of those my dad had-he had 200 rose bushes in our back yard and showed them at rose garden shows. You definitely should put this one on display at a rose event! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it all! Take care

  7. Outstanding photos Diane! Going back now to study each one. So enjoyable, thank you :)

  8. Oh my gosh Diane, what a brilliant series of diverse macro shots! I have a soft spot for your small bird shots, your opening image is incroyable.. definitely one of those 'I wish I'd taken it' shots 😀

  9. Beautiful photos Diane. Thank you. X


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